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A very happy new year to everyone who visits this web site – here’s hoping it will be a much better year than 2020 which I think most of us will be glad to put behind us.

HCS ended 2020 with the payment of £1090.00 for more anti-poaching drugs and also the welcome news of a £4,000.00 grant from the T.D. Paton Trust, a much-needed boost to our funds.

Determined to start 2021 on a happy note, we thought we would share with you the following anecdote about ‘The Baggage Handlers’ which is reproduced here by kind permission of Friends of Hwange:

“We recently came upon Lesang – Cecil the lion’s remaining male cub from his last litter.  Now six years old, Lesang has banded together with four of Bhubezi the lion’s youngest.  The five boys are currently occupying the area around Linkwasha and the Ngamo plain where Cecil grew to his famed magnificence.  Dubbed ‘The Baggage Handlers’ the following snippet is cause for a chuckle.

In August 2018, when the lions were still youngsters, they were loitering around the Linkwasha airstrip on the Wilderness concession.  Being inquisitive and playful, the cats ‘stole’ a bag that was in the open pod of an aeroplane that was parked on the airstrip.  They proceeded with glee to distribute the contents of the bag all over the airfield.  The bag belonged to a chef working at Linkwasha who had time off and was catching a flight out of camp.  He had hidden some meat he had taken from the camp kitchen in his bag and the lions had sniffed it out and foiled his plans for dinner that  night!  The eldest of the lions was named Lesang after the chef in memory of the incident and the group of five males is now referred to as ‘The Baggage Handlers’.  Long may they live and thrive!







If, like us, you love animals and hate seeing them suffer, please could you donate towards our anti-poaching work? The work is very important, even more so these days as poaching is a huge problem in this area due to the dire economic situation currently obtaining in Zimbabwe.  We now have the added problem of the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic – animals are losing their lives every day and we are doing our level best to help as much as we can. If you can find it in you to make a donation, however small, please know that every penny will go towards alleviating the suffering of the wildlife. If everyone who visited this site would just donate £1.00 it would be a big help. Please consider doing this. Just visit our How to Help page or contact any of the committee members on the Contact Us page.

If you have enjoyed visiting this web site and reading about what we do to help Hwange National Park and its wildlife, would you be prepared to help us further? The best way to help us is by joining as a member or making a donation but we recognise that many people are unable to give this commitment; however, there are many ways of helping the wildlife of Hwange National Park at no cost to you:

– Could you display a poster about HCS somewhere in your local community?

– We also have home collecting boxes which people use to collect small change in. Perhaps you would consider taking one of these and sending us the small change from time to time? Small change can make a big difference! Maybe you could even persuade friends, family or colleagues to take one?

– Perhaps you know someone who loves wildlife and would be interested in our work – please pass on our contact details and encourage them to get involved. We are particularly keen to get people to visit our web site and Facebook page so if you could encourage people to do this, it would be a great help.

– We also save postage stamps which we use in different ways to raise funds. Perhaps you could save stamps for us and encourage others to do so?

If you would be interested in doing any of the above, please contact Anne Wilkinson (full details on CONTACT US page). Posters and/or collecting boxes can be sent out at no charge and we are always happy to send out information on our charity to prospective members.

A huge number of people these days shop online at Amazon and now you can shop there and help HCS at the same time. All you need to do is go to Smile. Amazon and log in as usual – no need to register or anything. Then select Hwange Conservation Society as the charity you wish to support, then just shop in the normal way. Any eligible purchase/s will then attract a 0.5% donation from Amazon and all at no extra cost to you.


HCS is now registered as a charity on – if you ever shop online with retailers such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, etc., you have the chance to raise a little extra for Hwange’s wildlife at the same time. Simply register on the site and then search for the shop you wish to visit. You can then click through from easyfundraising to the relevant supplier’s web site and make your purchase in the normal way. This visit is recorded by easyfundraising and a percentage of your purchase price is donated to HCS. It costs you nothing extra so we do hope that people will take advantage of this free way of raising funds for us. I have tried it myself and it really is as easy as it sounds! Please take a look at our dedicated page at:

Hello to all Ebay fans … do you use Ebay to sell items? Did you know you can now donate a percentage of your profits to HCS when you sell something? If you qualify for gift aid you can even arrange for Ebay to collect the gift aid on your behalf. HCS is now registered as a charity on Ebay in conjunction with PayPal Just Giving. If you are interested in helping us in this way, please go to the main Ebay page, go to the bottom and click on the link ‘Buy for Charity’ or ‘Sell for Charity’. Either link will take you to the charity information page where you can get more information about how to use this method of fundraising. You can even make a one-off donation!


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